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Why Korean Celebs Pose with a Food Truck 연예인들이 항상 푸드트럭과 사진 찍는 이유

Many of us have seen our favourite Hallyu stars posing with food trucks (mostly full of posters and their pictures!), but have you ever wondered where these food trucks are from and why celebrities always take photos with them? Are they sponsored? By secret admirers? Read on to find out!

1. Support From Friends 친구들의 응원

During the filming (촬영) of K-dramas or movies, friends of Hallyu stars will send food trucks (푸드 트럭) to express their support. It usually means that they wish the drama or movie to be a success (성공) and that the shooting process will be smooth-sailing.

2. Fan's Love 팬심

It's not just friends or colleagues who send these trucks! Fans would chip (돈을 모으다) in together through a fan club to show their support to their beloved celebrities (연예인) by sending a customisable food truck. This is why you see some food trucks are plastered with the star's pictures. 

3. Why Do They Send? 왜 보낼까?

During busy filming period, both casts and crews usually do not have any time (시간) to dine outside filming locations. There are times where their filming locations are in remote areas (외딴 지역) too, making it hard for them to get drinks or food. This is why a food truck is great for friends or fans to express their care for the stars and dozens of crew working hard.

4. Food Truck Sent by a Fan 팬이 보낸 푸드트럭

As the food truck trend has been becoming more common and popular internationally (국제적), even fans from overseas (해외) are sending food truck to celebrities. There was even a time where a Filipino (필리핀) actress sent food truck to actor Ji Chang Wook (지창욱).

5. Food Truck Sent by Friends 친구가 보낸 푸드트럭

There are many celebrities which have well-known friend relationships (우정). One of the best examples is the famous Wooga Squad (우가 패밀리). Park Seo Joon (박서준) and Choi Woo Sik (최우식) from the squad had sent V a food truck as V (뷔) was jealous of Jungkook (정국) who received one.

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