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Our self-paced courses help learners build a strong foundation in Korean language through interactive learn and practice programs so that they can converse in Korean comfortably and be able to independently advance to next level.

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You're looking for flexibility with support

With your busy schedules and commitment, we understand that it might be hard to commit to certain timings to attend a class. The bundle course set allows you to learn at your own pace at anytime, anywhere. Coupled with instructor support and validation, you get the best of both worlds.

Looking for a fun and social way to learn Korean

Lessons are designed to incorporate contents you love – Kdrama, Korean songs, lyrics, cultural topics to make it more fun and relatable! It also helps that by learning on uBitto, you learn via a social setting and are able to get connected to other learners! 

You want to expand career opportunities

Korea is projected to be the world’s seventh-biggest economy by 2030. Samsung, Kia, Hyundai, LG, and Lotte are just a few of the country’s world class brands, many of which have operations overseas.

Web developer, video game specialist, IP lawyer, logistics specialist, bank branch manager and writers are just a tiny sample of job postings to be found on any given day aimed at those with Korean language skills.

How does it work?

Be an Ultimate member and get access to 44 lessons
Begin learning at your own pace and get assignments validated as well as feedbacks from Yoon Ssam personally
Practice with over 4000+ interactive quizzes and track your progress with Learning Dashboard
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Get lifetime access to 44 digestible class videos (US$219 value)

Sign up for Yoon Ssam’s Korean Language Adventure Plan and get lifetime access to class videos to watch at your own pace.

Lesson 1: Recognise & Read Korean Characters

Lesson 2: Master Pronunciation and Reading Practice Loanwords

Lesson 3: Introduction to Korean Honorifics

Lesson 4: Useful Expression for Reading Practice 

Lesson 5: Listening Assessment and Korean Basic Expression

Lesson 6: Listening and Fast Reading Practice

Lesson 7: Speed and Korean Intonation

Lesson 8: Linking Pronunciation, Tongue Twister, A=B Structure

Lesson 9: Korean Pronounce / or Particle / ‘This, That and It’

Lesson 10: Making Sentences / AB Structure, AB Structure But C

Lesson 11: Possessive Type and Belonging

Lesson 12: Speaking vs Reading while Watching + Contracted Form

Lesson 1 – Contracted Form & Preposition vs Postposition

Lesson 2 – ‘의’ omission & When to Use 아니 vs 안

Lesson 3 – How To Use 은/는/이/가 and Counting in Korean

Lesson 4 – Spacing & Language Pattern, Pronouncing Big Numbers

Lesson 5 – Practice Asking in 9W6H

Lesson 6 – 9W6H Practice & Big Number Testing

Lesson 7 – Understanding Native number + Unit Counter

Lesson 8 – Review Number System & How To Use 이/가 있어요/없어요

Lesson 9 – Essential Grammar Practice in Making Sentences

Lesson 10 – Essential Grammar Practice in Making Sentences II

Lesson 11 – A be B / A be prep B

Lesson 12 – A be B / A be prep B Practice

Lesson 1 – Counting Months & Using From / To ( Place, Time, Human)

Lesson 2 – Colour (Noun Form / Adjective Form) & Korean Preposition

Lesson 3 – 9W6H Practice, Asking Direction and Reading Map in Korean

Lesson 4 – Directions in Chinese Character & Roundabout

Lesson 5 – Directions in Chinese Character & Roundabout II

Lesson 6 – Directions in Chinese Character & Roundabout III

Lesson 7 – Listening Assessment for Time and Setting Appointment

Lesson 8 – Describing Symptoms and Sickness

Lesson 9 – Long Sentences Listening, Reading and Writing Practice

Lesson 10 – Summary & Overview of Verbs

Lesson 11 – Korean Verb Conjugation (Present Tense)

Lesson 12 – Korean Verb Conjugation II (Present Tense)

Lesson 13 – Korean Verb Conjugation III (Present Tense)

Lesson 14 – Korean Verb Conjugation (Past Tense)

Lesson 15 – Korean Verb Conjugation (Present Tense)

Lesson 16 – Korean Verb Conjugation

Lesson 17 – Korean Verb Conjugation VI

Lesson 18 – How To Use 8 Different Types of Wear

Lesson 19 – Saying Can/ Can’t, Making and Receiving Call

Lesson 20 – Saying Can/ Can’t, Making and Receiving Call

Get assignments validated and receive feedbacks from instructor (US$450 value) or voice recognition system

As much as this is a self-pace learning, we still believe in community and instructor guidance. You will be invited to a dedicated Community Group to interact with other learners!

Practise with interactive quizzes (US$200 value)

The Korean Language Adventure Plan includes a Lifetime Practice Pass. What it does is it gives you full access to over 3500+ Korean practice quizzes, updated weekly so that you can practise as much as you want!

Know where you are with My Learning Dashboard

Track your progress with My Learning Dashboard. Know what you’re good at and what you’re not. Achieving fluency is not difficult when you have proper guidance.

Social learning makes learning fun!

Interact with learners who are committed and learning the same thing as you! Plus, you’ll have your own profile to document your progress, feedbacks and personal learning notes.

Ready to start your journey?

One plan, full access to all courses to reach fluency.

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Master the basics with weekly assignments and instructor support.

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Focus on situational conversation as well as advanced grammar concepts.

Yoon Ssam
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At the end, you'll be..

Able to read and write Korean

Able to order in Korean

Able to travel and shop with minimal language issue in Korea

Able to build strong foundation to enter intermediate level

Able to sit for TOPIK I test

Able to make new Korean friends



I couldn't understand or even couldn’t construct a good Korean sentences previously. Now I’m able to listen songs and watch movies with less sub-title needed.


Founder of uBitto.com and PenangKoreanClass.com


Meet Yoon Ssam 윤쌤!

As a Korean language instructor in Malaysia for close to 10 years, Yoon Jung Hyun (Yoon Ssam) is a strong advocate of active and purposeful learning, as reflected in his way of teaching Korean language.

With Yoon Ssam’s extensive experience of having taught over 1000 learners face-to-face, one major problem that he sees is wrong habits developed from a lot of self-learner, as result from learning without validation. It takes a lot more effort to eliminate wrong pronunciation habits than learning right from the start!

Hence, he hopes to eradicate this by introducing Yoon Ssam’s Korean Language Adventure Plan for beginners, the only online course that comes with instructor support!

Join these happy learners 🙌


Never boring!


I signed up for the complete virtual learning. He is aware of your progress and where your strength and weaknesses lies. I enjoyed the classes very much and it’s really making learning exciting and fun.

Margaret Lee


Strong teaching passion


Ssam is not a textbook teacher, he will find out what is the easiest way for us to learn. I like how he uses materials which we love – K-pop and K-dramas!

Natalie Liew


Unique teaching style


His class is interactive and fun, not typical “go by the book” style, I have never once feel sleepy or tired in the class even though im attending class after work. A really cool teacher! 감사합 니다!감사합니다 윤쌤 😍

Rachel Eng

How to access?

Access to Sprout Level 1, 2 and 3

Instructor Support

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How do I start after signing up?

Upon confirmation of registration, you will be given access to the course and all of its materials to begin your learning at your own pace.

Do I get certified?

Upon completion of each course (be sure to ‘Mark as Complete’), you will be issued a certificate by uBitto. Do note that this certificate only acts as Proof of Completion.

The only certificate recognised by Korea/worldwide is to take the International Proficiency Test for Korean Language (TOPIK exam).

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you could not find what you’re looking for here, talk to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You can study at any time at your own pace but we do recommend you to follow the timeline of once a week in order to not lose your momentum.

Self-paced learning course

You will be asking your questions directly in a private class community group. This group is also where you submit your assignments to be marked. 

Good news! No official test but there will be small test/pop quiz to gauge students’ understanding and level from time to time. This also serve as checkpoint to get to know about students’ comfortability to proceed further.

Student can also test their level through the quizzes available.

Upon completion of each course (be sure to ‘Mark as Complete’), you will be issued a certificate by uBitto. Do note that this certificate only acts as Proof of Completion.

The only certificate recognised by Korea/worldwide is to take the International Proficiency Test for Korean Language (TOPIK exam).

You can use this certificate to apply for jobs or for education purposes. This is an external exam conducted twice a year in Malaysia, usually in April or October at Kuala Lumpur.

There will be additional prep classes to students who are keen to sit for the exam as the TOPIK exam gets nearer. TOPIK exam and enrolments charges is to be borne by student. We can help to furnish info and registration.

TOPIK Test is more academic-driven whereas this bundle course is focusing on conversational fluency. However, starting point of learning a language is the same. You will learn how to effectively recognise and read Korean characters, construct sentences and use basic grammar.

Upon Completion of Sprout Level 3, you should be able to have the knowledge to pass Level 2 TOPIK II. You should also be proactively seek out helpful materials which will help you to pass TOPIK test and understand the format of the tests. 

To know the topic contents, please visit the individual course page of:

  1. Sprout Level 1
  2. Sprout Level 2
  3. Sprout Level 3

Of course! Our Ultimate Korean Language Adventure Plan are designed for total beginners, starting from introducing how words are pronounced and how sentences are formed. You will also get full instructor and community support. Once you have reached a comfortable level, you can also book a Practice Buddy to help you practise. 

Self-paced learning course

Upon confirmation of registration for self-paced learning courses, you will be given access to the course and all of its materials to begin your learning whenever you’re ready.


Language used in course / live class is Korean and English only.

You will have access as long as you are under an active subscription.

Each lesson video is 60-minutes long (1 hour).


No, we do not have any physical classes due to COVID-19. As for 1-on-1 private sessions, if you have a foundation in Korean language, you can book a Practice Buddy to brush up your conversational skills. Your Buddy will also be able to validate your level and help correct your grammar, pronunciation and more.