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Professional teachers are certified or experienced in teaching a language as a foreign or second language. Community teachers are native or near-native speaker who enjoys a conversation and teaching informally.
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Up to 4 files in jpg, png or pdf.   What type of certification are required to be a professional Practice Buddy?
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You can take a look how others did for your reference. View
What is your practice style?
You can take a look how others did for your reference. View
What are the learner's levels that you can cater to? (Optional)
Learner’s level that you can cater to  based on 5S.
What are the conversation topics you can talk about? (Optional)
Find conversation ideas here.
What other topics do you use during the sessions?
Do you have a community group? (Optional)
Community Group allows you to interact with your learners and be informed once someone signs up to your class. If you do not have one, we will be creating it for you or you can create a group now
Do you have a uBitto Community Group URL?
Community Group allows you to build your brand and interact with your group of learners.
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1 or 2 mins of a short video of yourself and your session. For more info, please refer to  Practice Buddy Video Guidelines
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Sample (+82) 010-123-4567
This is only for between admin and yourself in a case of emergency.
Should be reachable via Whatsapp
Practice Terms and Conditions
Upon submission, in max 48 business hours (usually shorter), you will be able to set your available schedule from 'Session Control' tab
If you have any question, please check out our Knowledgebase.