uBitto Meetup

Learn online live and participate in an interactive virtual environment with a group of equally passionate learners.

It’s time to get the language skills and grasp the confidence to open up your world, this time from wherever you are.

How to join via uBitto Meetup?

1. Tick all boxes

Be sure to be prepared with all the necessary equipments. If possible, refrain from using company laptop with firewall installed.

2. Enter to join class

You will be invited to respective class’s private community group. In the group, go to ‘Meetup’ tab and ‘Join’ to enter class.

3. Select microphone

By selecting ‘Microphone’, you will be able to communicate with everyone. Make sure your audio output / input is chosen correctly based on the gadget you’re using. 

4. Select yes to echo test

If you hear an echo, it means everything is working fine. Click ‘Yes’ to continue. You’re in! If you cannot hear an echo, click ‘No’ and select the right microphone.

5. Test camera

Select ‘Share webcam’ to on your camera. As a first-timer, your browser might require permission to allow meetup.ubitto.com to access your camera. If it’s connected, ‘Webcam settings’ window will pop up. Make sure the correct camera is chosen and quality is selected at ‘medium quality’.

Still unsure? Try it for yourself.

Feel free to explore our learning environment – uBitto Meetup – before signing up.

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All live class is recorded and stored in this manner

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May 14, 2020
May 14, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

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