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30 Essential Korean Phrases for Beginners and Travelers 한국 여행 초보자를 위한 필수 한국어 표현 30가지

1. An-nyeong-ha-se-yo 안녕하세요

Meaning: Hello.

2. Ne 네

Meaning: Yes

3. A-ni-yo 아니요

Meaning: No

4. Jeo-gi-yo 저기요

Meaning: Excuse me.

5. Mi-an-hab-ni-da 미안합니다

Meaning: Sorry.

6. Gam-sa-hab-ni-da 감사합니다

Meaning: Thank you.

7. Gwaen-chan-ah-yo 괜찮아요

Meaning: It's alright/never mind

8. Eol-ma-ye-yo? 얼마예요?

Meaning: How much is it?

9. Yi-geo ju-se-yo 이거 주세요

Meaning: Give me this, please.

10. Yi-reum-yi mwo-eh-yo 이름이 뭐에요?

Meaning: What's your name?

11. Han-guk-mal mot-hae-yo 한국말 못 해요

Meaning: I can't speak Korean.

12. Yi-hae mot hae-yo 이해 못 해요

Meaning: I don't understand.

13. Cheon-cheon-hi mal-sseum-hae-ju-se-yo 천천히 말씀해주세요

Meaning: Please speak slowly.

14. Da-si han beon mal-sseum-hae-ju-se-yo 다시 한 번 말씀해주세요

Meaning: Please say it again.

15. Do-wa-ju-se-yo 도와주세요

Meaning: Please help me

16. Jil-mun-i iss-seub-ni-da 질문이 있습니다

Meaning: I have a question.

17. Eo-di-ye-yo? 어디예요?

Meaning: Where is it?

18. Beo-seu jeong-ryu-jang 버스 정류장

Meaning: Bus stop

19. Ji-ha-cheol 지하철

Meaning: Subway

20. Gong-hang 공항

Meaning: Airport

21. Yeo-gwon 여권

Meaning: Passport

22. Bal-gwon-gi 발권기

Meaning: Ticketing machine

23. Bae-go-pa-yo 배고파요

Meaning: I'm hungry.

24. Ka-deu dwae-yo? 카드 돼요?

Meaning: Do you accept card?

25. Po-jang-hae ju-se-yo 포장해주세요

Meaning: Please make it to go.

26. Mwo-ga mas-iss-eo-yo? 뭐가 맛있어요?

Meaning: What is delicious?

27. Mas-is-seo-yo 맛있어요

Meaning: It's delicious.

28. Jo-ah-yo 좋아요

Meaning: Good/I like it.

29. Seo-bi-seu 서비스

Meaning: Service/ On the house

30. Gga-gga-ju-se-yo 깍아주세요~

Please give me a discount~

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