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5 Steps on How to be a Successful K-Pop trainee 연습생 (2021)

Do you want to become a k-pop trainee연습생 or ever just wondered what steps your now K-pop stars has taken to become a trainee 연습생? If you do want to be or even just simply wondered, then this is the perfect guide for you! I will go in-depth for each process on how you can be a K-pop 케이팝 trainee 연습생 in 2019! 

Before your favorite K-pop artist even became stars and idols, they were first K-pop  trainees. Trainees can train up 16 hours per day. They literally eat, train, sleep and repeat! All the K-pop trainees live, train and perform together at a very young age. 

Some K-pop trainees begin training as early as 11 years old. However not many get discovered or join a company until they are in their late teens, so if you are a little older, don't worry as you might just have a chance!

Most of the K-pop trainees and idols are Koreans, nonetheless it is not mandatory for you to be a Korean – people from all race and ethnicity can audition too. Having the needed skills and persona has a lot to do with your potential success and also your willingness to work hard.

1. Pre-auditioning training

Everything begins with training. There is so much competition in the K-pop industry that kids spend years practicing even before auditioning. It might take several auditions before you get accepted as a k-pop trainee. If you get really lucky, you might just end up getting accepted to the company just through street casting rather than the auditions.

Before auditioning to be a K-pop trainee 연습생, you can take up dance classes to become a better versatile dancer. This step is crucial if you don’t have much dancing skills yet. Look into taking as many dance classes as you can. Focus on hip hop and and urban dancing. If you can’t take actual classes, you can learn from dance videos online. 

Another skill you should brush up on before auditioning to become a K-pop trainee 연습생 is singing. Invest in a vocal coach to strengthen your singing abilities. Even if you are already a good singer, chances are you will still learn something new from your coach.

If nothing else, they will still give you tips on how to increase your stamina while performing. If your main skill is dancing, that is fine but having the ability to sing will definitely boost your chance of getting noticed when you audition to be a K-pop trainee.

Besides singing you can also work on your rapping skills. Rapping has become an important part of the K-pop music. Listen to more rap music to get an idea of the rhythm and slowly imitate your favorite rappers. While rapping if you get caught up with words, you can practice tongue twisters to loosen your lips.

Another skill you can pick up before auditioning to become a k-pop trainee is to practice writing your own songs and perfecting well-known songs. When you go for the audition, you will perform to a song that the producers already know but when you become a K-pop trainee, you will be working on writing and choreographing your own original music. 

2. Auditioning For K-pop Trainee

Before going to the auditions for the K-pop trainee, you should research on which company you would like to audition for.

Some companies are focused on k-pop trainees who match a certain aesthetic and someone who already knows how to sing and dance. Other companies 회사 don’t mind taking someone who needs more training or someone who looks a little different from the usual k-pop stars.

Some of the biggest K-pop companies you can audition for includes Big Hit Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, Starship Entertainment and Top Media Entertainment.

Finally 마지막으로 confident with your skills and the company? It is audition time! However, one or two audition wouldn’t be enough before someone discovers you. You might have to go to as many auditions as possible. I rather you think that you will have to go for 50 auditions before any breakthrough happens.

Also note that if you are under 14, you will need a legal guardian to attend the auditions or sign-off on the audition for you.

3. Signing the K-pop Trainee Contracts 계약 

Congratulations if you made it this far. This is a step closer to becoming a k-pop trainee. Being a k-pop trainee 연습생 is a long-term commitment so you will have to sign a contract depending on your age, some may ask you to sign for 5-6 years.

Your life from now on will be all about training to become a K-pop star. You can forget about everything else. There is no guarantee on whether or not you will debut as a K-pop star but if you really want it, get to the next step of training like crazy with your other trainees aka friends/competition.

However, 그렇지만, make sure to read and review the contract very closely. If you can’t read or speak Korean, hire a professional lawyer who can read and review the contract.

4. Rigorous Training

If you think training school is hard and the teachers are too intense on you, you will have no choice but to adapt to it. The K-pop trainee program that you will have to endure is nothing like you have ever felt before.

This is the time where you need more than a good voice 좋은 목소리, dancing skills, and the looks 비쥬얼. All this will help but if you are not strong mentally and physically, this hard training regime might break you. A 16-hour 시간 training in a day is very common.

5. Debut 데뷰 as a K-pop Star!

If you are lucky enough 운이 좋으면,  the company finally decides to debut you! Your debut with your group is probably one of the greatest things to happen after so much rejection and hardcore training you had to face.

But this is just the beginning as you will face pressure and competition from other K-pop stars and groups. You will not have time to relax or be lazy. Don’t let this discourage you and keep fighting!

Do you think you still want to become a K-pop trainee after reading this complete guide? Let us know whether or not if this is a hard task or you are willing to take on this challenge!
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