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Top 10 Spring Vocab and How To Use Them 봄이랑 관련있는 어휘와 쓰는법

May is here and spring will almost be over. Here are some Korean vocabs which are related to spring and festivals during spring. Check out the top 10 Spring Korean Vocabs and how to use them!

1. Beot-Ggot 벚꽃

Meaning: Cherry Blossoms


이번 주말에 벚꽃 같이 보러 갈래요?

Should we go and see the cherry blossoms together this weekend?

(yi-beon ju-mal-ae beot-ggot gat-i bo-reo gal-lae yo)

2. Tyul-lib chuk-je 튤립 축제

Meaning: Tulip Festival


방금 튤립 축제에 갔는데 꽃이 너무 예뻤어요

(bang-geum tyul-lib chuk-je-ae gat-neun-de ggot-i neo-mu ye-bbeos-eo yo)

I went to the Tulip Festival just now and the flowers were very beautiful.

3. Han-gang so-poong 한강 소풍

Meaning: Hangang River Picnic


어제 오후에 한강에서 소풍을 즐기는 가족들을 많이 봤어요

(eo-jae o-hoo-ae han-gang-ae-seo so-poong-eul jeul-gi-neun ga-jok-deul-eul manh-i bwass-eo-yo)

I saw many families enjoying their picnics by Hangang River in the afternoon yesterday.

4. Mu-ji-gae 무지개

Meaning: Rainbow


무지개 사진을 빨리 찍자!

(mu-ji-gae sa-jin-eul bbal-li jjik-ja)

Faster take pictures of the rainbow!

5. No-dong-jeol 노동절

Meaning: Labour Day


노동절날에 뭐 할거야?

(no-dong-jeol-nal-ae mo-hal-geo-ya)

What will you do on Labour day?

6. Beul-raek-dae-yi 블랙 데이

Meaning: Black Day


올해 블랙 데이는 절친이랑 보냈어요.

(ol-hae beul-raek-dae-yi-neun jeol-chin-yi-rang bo-naess-eo yo)

I spent this year's Black Day with my best friend.

7. Mi-poong 미풍

Meaning: Breeze


꽃밭에서 봄의 미풍을 즐길 수 있어요

(kkot-bat-ae-seo bom-ui mi-poong-eul jeul-gil su iss-eo yo)

You can enjoy the spring breeze at the flower field.

8. hwa-chang 화창

Meaning: Sunny


아~ 이 화창한 날, 공원에 같이 갈래?

(ah~ i hwa-chang-han nal gong-won-ae gat-i gal-lae)

(ah~ i hwa-chang-han nal gong-won-ae gat-i gal-lae)

Ah~ should we go to the park on this sunny day?

9. Dae-chung-so 대청소

Meaning: Cleanup


다음주에 가족이랑 봄맞이 대청소를 할거야

(da-eum-ju-ae ga-jok-yi-rang bom-maj-I dae-chung-so-reul hal-geo-ya)

I will be having spring cleanup with my family next week.

10. dda-deut 따뜻

Meaning: Warm


봄은 따뜻하니까 좋아요

(bom-eun dda-deut-ha-ni-gga joh-a yo)

I like spring as it is warm.

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