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How to start learning on uBitto as a free member?

As you sign up an account on uBitto, you are automatically a Starter member. You are then granted free access to a few useful materials and features to get your learning started. To see a full list of the things you can do as a Starter member, visit Pricing page.

0. Verify your account

Please complete your profile in order for you to continue your journey in uBitto.

As a first timer, you will need to complete 3 small steps.

Upon you complete above steps, you will get a badge called ‘Verified' as below.

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1. Free Korean Starter Kit

It contains uBitto's overall learning curricular, useful charts and printables to help you recognise and read Korean alphabets.

2. Free Guide on How To Read Korean

What you'll learn:

  • How to pronounce Korean vowels;
  • How to pronounce Korean consonants;
  • How to write 한글 (Hangul), the Korean alphabet system;
  • What is Korean final consonants;
  • How to speak Korean fast using linking pronunciation

3. Basic Playground Access

uBitto Playground contains many interactive quizzes which test different aspects of language learning such as Speaking Script, Dictation, Dialogue – just to name a few. Starter Member will get access to free quizzes which do not require Cookies.

4. Basic Practice quizzes access

Each quiz courses have free samples available for Starter member to practise on.

5. Join community group

Join community groups of your interest or post your learning journey on your timeline. uBitto allows you to manage your learning in one place.
Updated on Sep 4, 2023