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Learning Korean has never been easier.

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How it works

Online Learning 13

Systematic course structure

Lessons are systematically arranged into digestible contents so that you can plan your pace – be it covering a lesson per day or per week. 

uBitto Meetup view

Watch videos of Yoon Ssam teaching real life learners. Watch the interactions, learn from their questions (and answers). It’s like being in the same class as them at anytime you want!

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Online Learning 15

Full assignment support

You will receive full instructor support on assignment marking and to attend to any questions you may have throughout your learning. 

Don’t worry, you will be guided throughout. We’ll be there every step of the way.

Dedicated private group

As much as this is a self-pace learning, we still believe in community and instructor guidance. All course takers will be invited to a dedicated group chat. You will be able to interact and ask questions.

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Online Learning 17

Designed for experience

Upon 16-week completion, you will be able to join us for our seasonal farmping trip to practise what has been learnt!

Online Learning 18

Highly focused

Being able to speak in Korean isn’t based on how extensive your vocabulary or grammar knowledge is. Only learn and practise what you need.

Online Learning 19

Weekly fun tasks

With each class, there will be highly stimulating paired tasks which allows you to recap and practise on what has been learnt.

Online Learning 20

Time is on your side

No one likes braving the jam after working hours. Have some me-time before tuning in for your favourite language class! Not available? Replay anytime!

Online Learning 21

Location, location, location

Gain flexibility by joining the class from anywhere - be it from a hotel room during your work trip, your favourite cafe, at home - you name it!

Online Learning 22

Dedicated attention

With online class, you get a close session with Yoon Ssam whilst also being a part of a learning community! Questions will be addressed on the spot by Yoon Ssam himself.

Online Learning 34

Sprout Level 1

By getting yourself equipped with a solid foundation, you’ll find that learning Korean is a lot easier as you are able to make sense of why things are the way they are – reducing a lot of confusion along the way.

Starter Kit

Introduction to Hangeul World | Korean Voice and Speech

Lesson 1

Recognise and Read Korean Characters Fast: Vowels, Consonants and Final Consonants

Lesson 2
How To Read Korean Fast Using Linking Pronunciation

How To Validate Your Pronunciation Using Technology
Lesson 3
Reading Practice – Korean Words and Loanwords

How To Use Korean Honorifics
Lesson 4
Korean Basic Expressions I

Korean Basic Expressions II
Lesson 5

Conversing Using A Combination of Expressions

Lesson 6
Speed and Intonation

Korean Spacing Rules
Lesson 7

Korean Pronouns – I/You/He/She/We/They

Lesson 8

Korean Grammar A=B

Korean Grammar A<>B

Lesson 9

How To Use 은/는 Particle in a Sentence

Lesson 10

Concept of ‘This, That and It’ in Korean

Lesson 11 & 12

Korean Basic Expressions III

Online Learning 35

Learn at your own pace

You’re on the right track to an incredible learning journey. Get access to a complete set of live video recordings for Sprout Level 1. See how you can learn from the videos here.

Sprout Level 1


*For assignments handed in the first 12 weeks after course signup.

Yay! What's next?

Upon completion of Sprout Level One, find out what adventure lies ahead of you.

Online Learning 36

Achievement 1:
Join Farmping Experience

Join us on a life-changing memorable journey to Korea and practise your Korean with native speakers!

Online Learning 37

Achievement 2:
Advance to Sprout Level Two

You're a high achiever? Advance to Sprout Level Two to learn more advanced grammar, leading you to speak more fluently! Starting May 2020.

Online Learning 38

Sprout Level Two

Now that you have sufficient foundation, it’s extremely easy to add in new concepts and knowledge into your pocket. By the end of Sprout Level 2, you’ll be able to converse comfortably.

PLUS! Get plenty of exercises and quizzes designed based on repetitive spaced out learning upon each week’s completion.

Starter Kit

Introduction to Sprout Essential 2

How To Identify Your Learning Goals

Lesson 1

Contracted Form

거 vs 꺼

문장의 형태 (preposition vs postposition)

Lesson 2

‘의’ omission

아니 vs 안

듣기 평가

Lesson 3


수 Sino number


Lesson 4

띄어쓰기 방법

언어 습득 패턴

큰 숫자

Lesson 5

9W6H 그리고 연습


Lesson 6

9W6H 연습

Big number testing

Lesson 7

Native number

Unit counter

9W6H 연습

Big number testing

Lesson 8

리뷰 Native number

Unit counter

서수 (번째/째)

이/가 있어요/없어요

Lesson 9

이/가 있어요/없어요 연습

3 different types of 이/가 있어요

A be prep B

Lesson 10

There are a lot > 이/가 많아요 (많이 있어요)

Someone has something at somewhere

A be B vs A be prep B

Lesson 11

화장실은 어디에요 (A be B)

화장실은 어디에 있어요 (A be prep B)

Lesson 12

화장실은 어디에요 (A be B) vs 화장실은 어디에 있어요 (A be prep B)

Online Learning 39

Advance your Korean now

Now’s the time to sprint. 12 important lessons to level up and begin your conversational journey. 

Sprout Level Two

Prerequisite: Completed Sprout Level One


*For assignments handed in the first 12 weeks after course signup.

Yay! What's next?

Upon completion of Sprout Level Two, find out what adventure lies ahead of you.

Online Learning 40

Achievement 1:
Take TOPIK Test for FREE

Sign up for your first TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) and if you pass, the registration fee is on us!

Online Learning 41

Achievement 2:
Advance to Survival Level

Congrats on completing Sprout Level! Are you aspiring to study or work in a Korean environment? Advance to the next level!

Online Learning 42

Achievement 3:
Take Part in Korean Speech Contest

Test your Korean by participating in Korean Speech Contest!

Online Learning 43

Sprout Level Three

Now we’re talking. By this time, you would’ve completed Sprout Level 1 / 2 and able to hold basic conversations in Korean. This course will focus a lot on situational conversation as well as more complicated grammar concepts – which will help you to navigate better towards fluency!

PLUS! Get plenty of exercises and quizzes designed based on repetitive spaced out learning upon each week’s completion.

Starter Kit

Introduction to Sprout Level 3 Goals


Lesson 1


Things Around You

Lesson 2

Situational Conversation 1

Describe the Situation

Lesson 3

Reading map & things on the street

세요 Polite command form

(으)로 Concept 1


Lesson 4

Show Me The Way 1

Lesson 5

Show Me The Way 2 

Lesson 6

Situational Conversation 2

Lesson 7

Listen and Comprehension 듣고 이해하기

만 Only

Lesson 8

시간 읽기

Time-Related Expression and Vocabs

Lesson 9

걸려요 It takes

(으)로 Concept 2 vs (으)러 Concept

Lesson 10

From and To

Lesson 11

전화 + 걸어요

Lesson 12

Situational Conversation 3

Lesson 13

Body Parts & Describing Symptoms

Lesson 14

Verb Transformation 동사의 변형과 시제 1

을/를 Object Marker

Lesson 15

동사의 변형과 시제 2

Lesson 16

동사의 변형 연습 1

Lesson 17

동사의 변형 연습 2

Lesson 18

~ (기) 때문에 & (으)러

Lesson 19

안/못/잘/잘 못

Lesson 20


Situational Conversation 4

Online Learning 44

Advance your Korean now

Now’s the time to sprint. Focus on your learning while we take care of your payment every 4 weeksCancel anytime.

Sprout Level Three

Prerequisite: Basic Korean OR Completed Sprout Level One & Two

Starting 29th July
US$59/4 weeks

3 month subscription

One-time full payment


If you could not find what you’re looking for here, kindly contact us on Facebook and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Yes, the fee is a one-time payment with instructor support throughout the duration of the course. For example, a 12-week course will give you a 12-week instructor support. 

Upon confirmation of registration, you will be given access to the course and all of its materials to begin your learning.

Language used in class is Korean and English only.

Each lesson is 60-minutes (1 hour) but be prepared that the lesson at times goes beyond the duration depending on the scope of the day.

There will be no replacement class or refund for each session missed.

If you missed a lesson, feel free to watch the playback recordings to catch up.

You will be asking your questions directly in a private class community group. This group is also where you submit your assignments to be marked. You will also have access to a Whatsapp group where you can ask questions anytime. 

Good news! No official test but there will be small test/pop quiz to gauge students’ understanding and level from time to time. This also serve as checkpoint to get to know about students’ comfortability to proceed further.

Student can also test their level through the quizzes available.

There will be no official certificate issued by instructor. The only certificate recognised by Korea/worldwide is to take the International Proficiency Test for Korean Language (TOPIK exam).

You can use this certificate to apply for jobs or for education purposes. This is an external exam conducted twice a year in Malaysia, usually in April or October at Kuala Lumpur.

There will be additional prep classes to students who are keen to sit for the exam as the TOPIK exam gets nearer. TOPIK exam and enrolments charges is to be borne by student. We can help to furnish info and registration.