What are uBitto Practice’s policies and rules?

uBitto Practice Policies and Rules

  1. uBitto Practice Sessions must be conducted via unique uBitto Zoom link sent to both Practice Buddies and learners. Please contact our team at [email protected] with any issues or concerns.
  2. Please be polite and professional when interacting with Practice Buddies and learners.
  3. Please refrain from promoting or directing learners to competing apps and services.
  4. No off-platform communication is permitted. All communication between students and teachers must occur through uBitto messaging system. This means that the request or sharing of Skype IDs, Facebook, Whatsapp, email, phone numbers, and any other personal contact information is not permitted.
  5. Do not recruit learners or Practice Buddies to work or study on other platforms or in other schools.
  6. Do not send money to or receive money from uBitto learners and Practice Buddies off platform.

uBitto Bannable Offenses

The following actions are not permitted on uBitto and may lead to account deactivation and removal from the platform. 

  1. Scheduling and starting lessons with yourself or with fake learners.
  2. Any attempt to send or receive money from uBitto teachers or learners off platform
  3. Any attempt to recruit uBitto teachers or learners to work or study on other platforms
  4. Sending to or requesting private contact information from uBitto teachers or learners
  5. Conducting lessons off of the uBitto platform without explicit written permission from uBitto
  6. The use of abusive, offensive language, threats or bullying towards uBitto teachers, students, or staff
  7. Sexual talk, nudity, and/or attempts to use uBitto as a dating site
  8. Fraudulent use of credit cards or other payment methods
  9. Identity fraud
  10. Money laundering or theft
  11. Spam messaging
  12. Repeatedly asking for free lessons and services
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