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Learning From Home With Yoon Ssam

Many of us are now staying at home due to the current COVID-19 situation, and it seems like we’re going to be stuck at home for some time before returning to normalcy again.

As we all collectively adjust to our stay-at-home lifestyle, why not take this opportunity to learn something new and continue to expand your knowledge from the comfort of your home?

During this difficult time, we wanted to contribute to helping you cope this situation. Hence we have come up with a plan in hopes of helping Korean learners who are staying at home due to the COVID-19 situation.

1. Live Korean Lesson With Yoon Ssam

Learning From Home With Yoon Ssam 1

Every Tuesday at 9PM (GMT+8), there will be a free livestream Korean lesson on our Facebook page. You can learn something new or refresh your memory from the lessons.

It’s a watch-only lesson but if you would like to join in and interact, you can do so by signing up on⁠

2. Daily IG Story Activitiy

Learning From Home With Yoon Ssam 2

There will be different activities posted daily in various forms to help you learn or practise Korean on Instagram stories. There will be simple daily quizzes, discussions, IG live sessions with Yoon Ssam and more! You can also ask Yoon Ssam about anything and he will personally answer your questions.

3. Virtual Learning For Onsite Learners

Learning From Home With Yoon Ssam 3

Onsite learners will be learning Korean virtually through uBitto Meetup during this period until the situation gets better. Just like an onsite class, learners get to learn with the same engagement in an interactive environment.

Some of the fun activities Yoon Ssam usually carry out during classes are learning vocabulary from Korean songs or dramas, solving quizzes, making sentences from given words and more.

In the meantime, we hope everyone stays safe and healthy, remain positive and continue learning!

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