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Whatever your learning goals are, choose from our list of courses to help you achieve them. You’ll get the best support you need, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Step 1: Test Your Korean

Not sure where you stand? Take this quiz! Your results will help you understand your level based on our 5S proficiency rating standard and determine a suitable class for you.

Step 2: Choose Preferred Learning Method

Self-Paced Learning Course
Live Class
Learning method
Upon signup, you’ll get access to a series of pre-recorded class videos to watch and learn at your own pace.
You will call-in weekly to join an interactive session live with other learners.
Instructor support
Assignment marking
Class recording access
Learning materials
Interaction with private community
Live interaction
Interaction happens in community group
Flexible learn schedule
Weekly basis at a specific time

Both methods of learning with Yoon Ssam are from the comfort of your own home, with slight differences catering to your lifestyle and needs.



Frequently Asked Questions

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Teaching on uBitto is simple and meaningful. You can access your course, community and more from a single Instructor Dashboard. All that time you spend on fixing tech problems and dealing with learner’s issue? Now you can use the same time on building your content. 

Start your teaching journey with us.

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