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27 & 28 July 2019

9AM - 5PM (Lunch included)

Penang Korean Class Studio, Promenade, Bayan Baru, Penang.


Don't let these ‘limitations' hold you on.
That's me trying to blend in with the rest of my students, obviously not doing such a good job.

Hi, I'm Yoon Ssam!

You might know me as the principal and Korean teacher who founded Penang Korean Class.

I have been teaching Korean language to locals in Penang as well as organised multiple events or activities revolving around Korean experience to allow my learners to practice their skills.

Today, I am proud to say we are one of the most happening and fun language learning communities in the island!


Your Path to Being Fluent in Korean

I have a question for you. Are you always looking in envy at those people being able to understand and speak Korean?

Seeing them being able to understand K-drama without subtitles, sing your favourite Korean songs, communicate with native Koreans without a problem. Some even went off to Korea to work or study with scholarship. 

And here you are, wishing you could do the same. You thought you would have to learn for YEARS  to reach their level.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could shorten your learning curve or somebody could just teach you how to speak right away without burying yourself in books for days and months?

Your new skill would not only give you confidence but also open up your world with full of fun and the opportunities to be able to connect with people?

So the question remains: how do you achieve that? I’m gonna share a little secret with you.

It’s all about focusing on the 20% of skills that get you 80% of your results. And my upcoming Rocket Korean Workshop is gonna do EXACTLY THAT for you. 

You see, to me, language learning is a journey. Travelling, going on a trip.

Let’s put yourself in the shoes of a traveller. You’re a spontaneous guy. The way you do, you just buy a ticket, book a hotel and then only decide where you want to visit later. Once you have that list, you then plan out your means of transportation available around the hotel. Then you decide which is best for you, from economical or from time perspective. 

Language is just like a transportation. Just like a transport helps you to get to a destination, language helps you to get my message across. 

You could choose to travel in a luxury limo, or you can get there in a bike. or a Grab. Or by train.

Your goal is to reach the destination, which in our case is learning Korean and MY GOAL when you join the workshop is to help you to reach there, doesn’t matter what means of transportation you have. 

If you commit to the steps that I’m gonna teach you in the workshop, your friends will soon be asking how did you pick up the language so quick!

I will equip you with the essential information you need to start speaking, teach you what to say even when you don’t know the right grammar or when you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what that person is talking about also, this is important, how to THINK Like a Korean and Think in Korean.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have all these takeaways that can help you to start speaking Korean. 

Though fast-paced, this is NOT an intensive or ‘cramped’ workshop but rather a focused one that will allow you to pick up the essentials and start speaking right away.


In this four-part extensive module which will be taught throughout the 2-day workshop, you will be equipped with the important knowledge, tips and tricks to to overcome your fear of speaking a foreign language and to conquer the Korean language.

I have coined a Travelling concept model to help you visualize and pick up Korean language skills based on Penang Korean Class’s 7 Pillars of Language formula – LEVS GRW. Think of mastering Korean as getting to a new destination. Plenty of methods to reach there, but I'm teaching you the most efficient way.



Module 1 – Learn The Basics

Get somewhere with the most basic transportation – a bicycle. No manual, no assistance needed. You might take a longer route, be lost, but a bike will still bring you there.


Starts speaking Korean in an unconventional way without formal grammatical structures, and discover basic conversation expressions


– Recognizing and knowing how to read Korean

– Top 30 most important conversational phrases or expressions for starters



Module 2A – Your First Conversation

You learn how to drive and get to places successfully via a car. It gets more comfortable.


Utilizing basic grammars in a conversation comfortably


– Essential Korean grammar to get you started

– Tips for beating conversation anxiety


Module 2B – What Do I Say?

When faced with a roadblock or jam, you learn how to identify the shortest and most accurate route to get to your destination.


Forming a proper sentence structure and differentiate English sentence structure from Korean sentence structure


– Mastering basic Korean sentence structures most learners are confused about

– Getting to know interesting shortened Korean words



Module 3A – I Don't Know The Right Grammar

You are not very good at driving. But that doesn't stop you. Get an uBer or Grab to get you there, you'll arrive eventually and no one needs to know how.


Able to mimic intonation of a native Korean speaker and create conversation without having to use formal sentence structure


– Boost your credibility by speaking with expressions

– A simple secret for masking your accent


Module 3B – What To Do When You Don't Understand

You have no idea how to get to a place or where that place is. The only information given are landmarks but those are sufficient. You learn how to identify the place based on picked-up clues and arrive successfully.


Identifying intent and encourage a longer conversation using magic words without hesitation


– Make your first conversation go smoothly

– Natural Korean expressions to keep conversation flowing



Module 4 – Think Like A Korean & Think in Korean & Back to Human Basic Instinct

Now that you can get to places independently, it's time to upgrade you ride! Better speed, better performance.


Discover simple hacks and tricks to learn Korean fast and effectively


– How to avoid the temptation to fall back on your native language

– Interesting sources you can utilize to radically improve your Korean

I will be utilizing productivity applications of Google Apps for Education (GAFE), which includes Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, and Google Classroom.

Also, downloading Papago app will help to ease your Korean language learning during and after this workshop. It provides real time translation of voice, detailed definitions of Korean words, basic expressions that previews without the need of network connection, and etc.

You are required to download these apps in your mobile, here are the download links for both Android and iOS users:

– Google Docs (Android/iOS)

– Google Sheet (Android/iOS)

– Google Classroom (Android/iOS)

– Papago (Android/iOS)


Things to bring for workshop:

– Personal laptop,

– Earphones with inbuilt microphone


**p/s: Interesting quizzes await you!

I will be giving out a set of interesting learning kits which I have personalized specially for everyone who attends this workshop.

– Access to TOPIK videos, basic vowel & consonants
– List of vocabularies (50 verbs, 50 nouns, 50 adjectives)
– Korean alphabets keyboard sticker
– Access to the digital quizzes
– 6000 digital vocabularies
– A set of digital Flashcard
Consistency is very important to be successful in language learning. To keep the learning momentum going, ample support will be given in the form of:

Achievable Mini Challenges / Practice
This includes daily / weekly checkbox as well as a comprehensive guide to ensure sufficient practice.

Do It Yourself Learning Schedule
I show you how to create a learning routine that works for you and your life (no matter how busy you are).

Remote Mentoring
We will be having casual conversations in Korean remotely, show your interest by initiating a conversation with me, knowing how to start a conversation is a critical social skill!




Effective & Swift

Customised for those who are unable to commit to a weekly class basis yet wants to pick up Korean.

Focus On What Matters

Exploration of focused and useful topics instead of general learning – Korean for Travel, Work and Studies.

Digital Resource

Get exclusive access to learning materials - Korean digital flashcards, unreleased videos on TOPIK test preparation, revision videos and practice quizzes worth over RM580.

Designed for Beginners

No background in Korean is needed, there will be time spent to go through the basics.

Language Hacking

Get actionable insights on how to overcome speaking anxiety, understand conversations and converse effectively with Mr Yoon's hacking tips.

Post-Workshop Support

Up to 30 days of support answering any questions you have with learning schedules, routine practice and mini missions to keep the learning momentum going.


  1. Students looking to further studies in Korea
  2. Fresh Graduates who want an extra advantage  amongst their peers
  3. Working Professionals looking to expand their career to Korea
  4. ANYONE who wants to learn Korean!



We have laid out a Comparison Table explaining the difference between these two programs. No one is better than the other. Both are helping you to learn Korean through different duration, styles and modules. 

Though fast-paced, this is NOT an intensive or ‘cramped’ workshop but rather a focused one that will allow you to pick up the essentials and start speaking right away.

There will be nothing to ‘cramp' as learning contents are different from our regular classes.

With this workshop, you'll be equipped with the fundamentals and ‘weapons' for you to face a whole new Korean language journey.

As the flow of this workshop is continuous, learners will have to participate for both days. If you're only able to make it for one day, there is no changes to the fee. 

Yes, learners who participated for the entire workshop will receive a Certificate of Attendance by Penang Korean Class.

Yes, we provide up to 30 days of support should you have any questions. We will also equip you with revision videos and routine challenges post-workshop for you to keep the learning momentum going. 

Yes, if you're keen to join onsite class after the workshop, you can directly join Advanced Sprout (Sprout Level which has been ongoing for more than 3+ months).

No. We will furnish you with the necessary information on TOPIK requirements but to actually sit for TOPIK test, there are some preparations needed which will not be covered fully in the workshop.