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Unique Collaboration Snacks in Korea 한국에만 있는 독특한 콜라보 간식

Among the many things South Korea is famous for, one of the most famous things there is definitely their snacks. They have so much delicious and special snacks. Here are some unique and creative collaboration snacks between the most well-known F&B brands in Korea.

1. Samlip Hoppang Hershey's Mint Chocolate Bread 삼립 허쉬 민트초코호빵

Samlip Hoppang & Hershey's Mint Chocolate

This snack is a mixture of refreshing mint chocolate and hoppang (호빵) which is actually steamed buns. This awesome snack combination sold 400,000 units within 10 days after its release. It was very popular among Koreans as many Koreans love mint-chocolate (민트초코) and also because it was such a creative and new idea.

2. Buldak Mango Ale 불닭망고에일

Samyang Puldak Stir-Fried Noodles & The Satellite Brewing

This product is a collaboration (협동) of Samyang (삼양) Buldak Stir-Fried Noodles and The Satellite Brewing Company (더쎄를라잇 브루잉). It’s a drink made to pair with the Buldak Stir-Fried Noodles. Although it says Buldak on the packaging, it’s not spicy. The Buldak Mango Ale has a refreshing sweet scent (향) and is not as bitter compared to other ales that’s why it’s said to go well with spicy food.

3. Postick 포스틱

Ediya Coffee & Nongshim Post Sticks Milkshake

The Posticks stands for potato (감자) sticks. The Posticks is a snack combination (결합) of Ediya Coffee’s (이디야커피) origin milkshake topped with cheese sauce and Nongshim’s (농심) potato stick snack. It is suitable for those “dan-jjan“ (단짠) taste lovers which means sweet and salty combinations.

4. Paldo Bibim Bread 팔도 비빔빵

Paris Baguette & Paldo

Paris Baguette (파리바게트) is one of the most popular bakeries (빵집) in Korea. Paldo (팔도) is a famous F&B company which is best know for their Bibimmyeon (비빔면). Paris Baguette released a sausage salad bread, croquette and triangle bulgogi gimbap (불고기 삼각김밥) which contained the Paldo Bibimmyeon spicy sauce. Many Koreans actually enjoyed these sweet and spicy pastries.

5. Milkis Milk Bread Flavor 밀키스 우유식빵 맛

Lotte Chilsung Beverage Milkis & Tous Les Jours

Tous Les Jours (뚜레쥬르) is another popular bakery loved by many Koreans. They had a collaboration with Lotte’s popular milk soda (탄산 음료), Milkis (밀키스). They released products with the Milkis taste and Milkis also released a bread-flavored carbonated beverage. Although it may sound strange, but it actually captivated the hearts of those who have tried it.

6. Coffee Gold Ale 커피 골든 에일

Jeju Beer & Blue Bottle

Jeju Beer (제주맥주) is a handmade (수공) beer brewery company. They are collaborating with Blue Bottle Coffee Company and introduced (소개) a coffee flavored beer. It features aromatic (향긋한) coffee and citrus (감귤류) flavors. Through the collaboration with luxury coffee brand Blue Bottle, Jeju Beer is seen to draw more attention among the Korean beer industry.

7. Jin Lager 진라거

Ottogi Jin Ramen & Amazing Brewing Company

Jin Lager is a pure and dark handmade beer well-known for not using artificial (인공) scents or sweeteners (감미료). It contains German malt (맥아) that gives off a savory (고소한) scent to the beer. This specialty of this beer is their deep (깊은) and strong (찐한) flavor just like all the other Jin products.

8. Melona's Dew 메로나에이슬

Hite Jinro Chamiseul & Binggrae Melona

This product is created by Hite Jinro (하이트진로) a popular soju brand along with Binggrae (빙그레), a famous F&B corporation well-known for their ice cream and milk products. It is a melon (멜론) flavored Melona (멜로나) soju that has a lower alcohol content that many people can drink without worrying about their alcohol tolerance (주량).

9. Guksoondang Rice Jollypongdang 국순당 쌀 죠리퐁당

Guksoondang Rice Makgeolli & Crown Confectionery Jollypong (죠리퐁)

This is a makgeolli (막걸리) drink with the combination of caramel-coated wheat puff snack by Jollypong Snacks. The taste of the makgeolli and snacks went great together, attracting lots of positive response from consumers. It was planned to only develop 100,000 cans but was increased to 300,000 as it was loved by so many people.

10. Guksoondang Rice Babambabam 국순당 쌀 바밤바

Guksoondang Makgeolli (막걸리) & Haetae (해태) Ice Cream Babamba (바밤바)

This is another collaboration (콜라보레이션) by Guksoon Makgeolli. They combined their makgeolli with the Babam Bar ice cream. This wasn’t an easy product as it took the researchers (연구원) two years to finalize. However, they developed nine different versions (버젼) of the drink with this Guksoondang Babambabam being the amplified version after a long time of researching (연구).

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