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Prerequisite: Received Survival Proof of Completion (completed Survival Level) OR Passed Survival Test.

This level is designed for learners who have a background, can read in Korean and have understanding on Korean grammar structure. The goal of this course is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding on Korean grammar, perfect your Korean pronunciation when reading, make your own variations of the Korean expressions and get used to Korean structure, verb and sentence.

    • Able to speak in formal form, relate background information, give reasons to circumstances & speak about my intentions for the future.
    • Able to understand and convey various expression such as attempts, purpose of visit or action within specific timeframe.
    • Describe how things are done in certain ways or manner including comparisons.
    • Able to recommend, reassure, remind, make plans and form intentions.
    • Able to speak in casual form to loved ones and friends.
    • Able to describe personalities and appearances.

Your language skill will be equivalent to a 1st year high school student in Korea.

  • Studying in Korea
  • Attend a job interview in Korea
  • Work part-time in Korea where fluency is not a priority
  • Work-study in Korea

What Students Say


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  1. This is great!


    I would say it’s a nice class to join where mutual respect exists… The learning process has lots of fun and full attention is given to each individual if someone has raised any question. The tutor, Mr Yoon has experience in teaching Korean for years and he has a sense of humor where he brings up some jokes during the class.

    Besides, he sometimes conduct small tests in class to examine our progression. We may ask any question regarding Korean or the country – Korea and their culture.Overall, the atmosphere in class is good and the only sad part is, duration of the learning seems too short, in terms of language class.

  2. Fun language class


    Teacher is funny and experienced. I like the way the he conducts, relax and enjoy.
    Most of the students are K pop fans, sometime they know korean cultures and news better than Mr. Yoon, and this is really funny. He will also teach more serious topics as we advance such as answering interview questions, running errands in Korea and more!

  3. Awesome learning experience!


    Learning Korean language from Mr Yoon is an enjoyable and fruitful one. He is a friendly, patient and responsible tutor who will make sure his students understand his teaching well . I like the way he conducted the class, cozy environment, lively small group teaching with lots of interaction and activities during classes – that’s why the class is always full with joys, laughter and …. sometimes “tensions” when tests are given ㅋㅋㅋ

    Although I just joined the class for 2 months+, I have learned a lot and very impressed that I can manage to read the Korean characters.

  4. Not any typical language class


    Yoon Ssam class is special compared to others typical Language class. Ssam will have a lot of Interaction with student, in way like games in class. Class is focusing more on speaking and listening which is good if u don’t like writing . If you miss the class, don’t worry, there will be video available after class. Online learning is available too!

  5. Able to watch recorded videos


    Interesting and fun classes! I had awesome learning experience with Mr. Yoon. Mr. Yoon is a kind and helpful teacher therefore you can ask any question in the class. Each class will be recorded and upload to YouTube. So, in case you’re unable to attend the class, you can watch the recorded video! I will come back to Mr. Yoon class if I am able to arrange my time. 🙂 Thanks Mr. Yoon!

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