Top 10 Best Street Food in Myeongdong! (2021)

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If you are a big fan of Korean food, or just a big foodie in general; then I’m here to tell you that Myeongdong is the perfect place for you!

Being one of the main shopping and tourism districts, Myeongdong is located in Seoul and is mostly a commercial area. Definitely a must visit when you travel to Seoul!

With a wide stretch of various varieties of food ranging from the spiciest to the sweetest, Myeongdong is confirmed to be able to satisfy and cater to your taste buds!

Also, since street food is literally at the streets don’t be afraid if your food will be able to digest just in time before you have another treat because trust me. The streets of Myeongdong are long enough so you get your fair share of exercise too!

Now, let’s get started!


Grilled Cheese Tteokbokki – 치즈 떡볶이

Kickstarting this blog is our one and only grilled cheese tteokbokki! Even the name sounds so mouthwatering already~

Basically what this is is rice cakes and grilled mozzarella cheese alternated on stick. To top everything off, condensed milk is drizzled allllll over! Well not drenched all over but just a nice kind of all over, you get me?

This treat if perfect if you don’t fancy the traditional spicy ddeokbokki!


Grilled Cheese Lobster – 치즈 랍스터

Seafood lovers rejoice!!

What goes down with this dish is before the fresh lobsters get scattered with cheese, they are first grilled with butter before everything else.

The cheese is then melted until they are slightly brown and ta-da!!! Your delicious lobster is served 😀

This dish is relatively a little pricey, ranging from 15,000 – 18,000 won; depending on which stall you go to. That’s approximately RM 52.30 – RM 62.00 a serving.

Yes, there are multiple stalls in Myeongdong of the same food hahah.

However, it’s worth the price because with the big and generous portion you’re getting what you paid for. Plus, the lobsters are fresh and sweet too!


Egg Bun – 계란 빵

This snack is a hot, sweet and fluffy smol loaf of bun with egg and cheese. Cute right? The sweet aroma of this hot treat can be really tempting especially during the cold weather in Korea!

If you’re a fan of foods of sweet and savoury mixture then this adorable thing can be your soulmate! Or seoulmate . LOL


Odeng – 오뎅

street food
south korea
korean shopping
korean food

Odeng is a dish enjoyed by locals and foreigners alike! These fish cakes can be enjoyed in many ways, from being skewered, boiled in a broth and served with a cup of soup or even deep fried.

You know those triangular fish cakes that you see with your tteokbokki?? Yep. Odeng. Hullo!!! They taste great and not too fishy too!

Koreans eat fish cakes on the way home, usually after a long day of work or school.


Mochi With Strawberry And Red Bean Paste – 과일 찹쌀떡

street food
south korea
korean shopping
korean food
red bean paste
mochi with strawberry and red bean paste

Although yes, this popular mochi originated from Japan this strawberry version is widely known in Korean street food stalls. The reason why is still unclear, but hey the food is great so I’m not complaining 😛

This mochi is filled with red bean paste and in the middle of it all is a WHOLE. Korean. Strawberry. Yes, in each mochi you get. To top it all off these mochis are then brushed with powdered sugar.

What really makes these worth buying is the strawberries. Do you know how amazing this is as Korean strawberries are famous for its big, sweet, juicy selves and here we are getting the whole thing with the combination of the soft chewy mochi texture and deliciousness of the red bean? :O

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Hotteok – 호떡

street food
south korea
korean shopping
korean food

Introduced by Chinese immigrants back in the early 1900’s, these sweet pancakes are now a popular snack; specifically during the winter!

Living up to their name : Sweet Pancake, these are usually stuffed with cinnamon, dark brown sugar and some grounded nuts.

However in recent times, savoury hotteoks are also available like kimchi or vegetable hotteok.


Candied Sweet Potatoes – 고구마 맛탕

Mattang (맛탕) which means caramelisation originated from China and the Koreans took up this technique for their favourite carb – sweet potatoes (고구마).

The sweet potatoes are deep-fried and then coated with caramelised sugar, making this loved snack crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

The locals also have these candied sweet potatoes as anju (안주) – side dish for alcoholic beverages. So, thinking of snacking while having a bottle of soju? These sweet potatoes will definitely come to your rescue!


Ppopgi – 뽑기

street food
south korea
korean shopping
korean food

Mostly sold and made by the older generation, this is an old fashioned sugar candy called ppopgi! Loved by adults and kids alike, this sweet snack is probably one of the famous childhood candies in Korea back in the day.

This candy contains only 2 ingredients : sugar and baking soda. However, making the perfect ppopgi requires timing and technique.

Each ppopgi has a different shape pattern (like in the previous picture) that can be chosen by the customers, depending on their preferred design.

Back then, if kids could eat around the pattern without breaking the candy they would get another ppopgi for free from the vendor! Sounds easy, but it’s really not. Try it for yourself 😉


Korean Soft-Serve Ice-Cream

street food
south korea
korean shopping
korean food

This soft-serve is a must have. Look at it. IT’S HUGE.

At Myeongdong nightmarket, you can get a dual flavour soft-serve; just like this one!

Other flavours are available too such as : green tea and strawberry .

Of course, other soft-serve stalls might probably have more flavours too!


Potato Hotdog – 감자 핫도그

Okay so what this is is ….. a hot dog on a stick that is coated in tiny pieces of french fries you say?

Well surprise! This is literally what this snack is. Thus the name : Potato Hotdog !!

Do you want a hotdog? Or do you want fries? Can’t pick? Well this is the right one for you! The world’s perfect combo (for me at least) hehe

There you go! These are few of the many, many, many more delicious treats in Myeongdong. If you ever find yourself magically in Seoul, do drop by for a never ending food journey!

Pfft.. calories who? We live to eat muahaha xD

However, if for some reason you can’t magically find yourself in Seoul, don’t worry for Penang Korean Class is partnered with some of your favourite restaurants who can provide you the full Korean cuisine experience!

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