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K-Dramas Based On True Stories 현실 이야기인 드라마

Have you ever wondered where the inspiration of the top K-Drama's ever came from? Well some of these K-Drama stories are actually based on true stories. Here is a list of K-Drama's which you might have watched before but did not know about the real stories behind them.

1. Fight for My Way 쌈, 마이웨이

This rom-com drama stars Park Seo Jun (박서준) and Kim Ji Won (김지원). It is loosely based on the life of a real mixed martial artist (격투기 선수) Choo Sung Hoon (추성훈) and his wife (부인) Yano Shiho (야노 시호). The writer of the series had once mentioned in an interview that he saw Shiho crying while watching her husband in a match (시합).

2. Move to Heaven 무브 투 헤븐

This drama was inspired by the non-fiction essay (수필) “Things Left Behind” by Kim Sae Byul (김새별). He had mentioned before in an interview that he cleaned the house of a man in his 70s who died alone and was only found many weeks later. It was in the form of different characters but an exact setting was featured in one of the episodes.

3. Signal 시그널

The top-rating K-drama Signal stars Lee Je Hoon (이제훈) and Kim Hye Soo (김헤수). The crimes shown in the series were derived from real cases in South Korea. This includes the Park Chorong Bitnari (박초롱빛나리) kidnapping case and also the Hwaseong (화성) serial murders (연쇄 살인) that took place in the Gyeonggi province.

4. Reply 1988 응답하라 1988

This series of K-drama was loved by many of the viewers. One of the characters from the story was inspired by a real person. Taek (택) played by Park Bo Gum (박보검) was actually inspired by a real-life Baduk (바둑) player, Lee Chang Ho (이창호) which won lots of local (현지) and international (국제적인) Baduk tournaments.

5. Crash Landing on You 사랑의 불시착

The writer of this drama revealed that her inspiration (영감) came from South Korean actress Jung Yang’s (정양) real-life event where the actress and her friends rode a leisure ferry boat (나룻배) and sail across Incheon’s shores (물가) but was swept away to the Northern Limit Line due to bad weather. The writer then proceeded to write a similar story.

Do you know any other K-dramas or movies based on true stories? Comment below!

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