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Dad Labels Often Seen in Korea 한국에만 있는 특이한 아빠들의 명칭

Have you ever heard of any special dad labels while watching Korean documentaries or reality shows? Here are some dad labels often seen in Korea.

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1. Wild Goose Father 기러기 아빠

A wild goose father refers to a man who works in Korea while his wife and children stay in an English-speaking country. This is because many Koreans desire to be fluent (유창한) in English. They are called geese is because geese are animals that migrate (이민), exactly like how the father who needs to travel a long distance to visit his family.

2. Eagle Dad 독수리 아빠

The eagle dad is a dad who is able to visit his family overseas whenever he wants. This is because this dad has the financial ability (재정 능력) to pay frequent visits. Which is why he is called the eagle as it is the king (왕) among all the birds (새들).

3. Penguin Dad 펭귄 아빠

Penguin dad is the total opposite (반대) from the eagle dad. The penguin dad doesn’t have the financial ability to travel abroad frequently which makes him being able to only pay his family visits (방문) for once in a few years. This is why it is called a penguin as a penguin can’t fly (날 수 없다) like other birds.

4. Sparrow Dad 참새 아빠

This sparrow dad is the man who is unable to afford to send his family abroad to study. He will rent a small studio (원룸) for his wife and children in Gangnam (강남), which is an area full of popular (인기많은) academies (학원). The father then will stay apart from the family just to earn money.

5. Daejeondong dad 대전동아빠

If a dad sends his children to an elementary school in Daechi (대치동), he will hire lodgings (전세) around the area to stay. This kind of father is the Daejeondong dad. Daechi is a neighborhood located in Gangnam, Seoul.

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