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Learn, Practice and Experience Korean

The best way to learn a language is to use it. No more passive learning. uBitto’s programs will get you to start speaking in no time!

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Creating balanced learning

Not everyone learns the same way. Learn Korean with targeted methods which suit you best, addressing your strengths and weaknesses.

Self-Paced Learning

Who is this for

  • Adults or students
  • Comfortable to learn at their own pace

Get access to

  • Videos and materials in structured curriculum
  • Practice quizzes, updated weekly
  • Practice via speech recognition tech
  • Community groups with full instructor support

How are you validated

  • Assignments marked by native instructor or uBitto Crew
  • Automated validation from speech recognition tech and interactive quizzes

How to join

Sign up to be an Ultimate member.

How it works


Your entire learning in one place

uBitto platform allows you to manage your learning journey, notes, assignments, thoughts and materials – all in one place.  All your interactions and Q&A within the community will also be well documented. 


Learn via systematic curriculum

Easy-to-follow lessons to learn Korean, followed by interactive quizzes and assignments using speech recognition features or direct validation from instructor. Receive certificates upon completion of every course.


Accelerate progress with fun practice quizzes

Quizzes designed by analysing mistake patterns of language learners. Practise your skills with over 5000+ interactive and fun quizzes of various formats.



No more rookie pronunciation mistakes

You can self-learn but do you know if you’re saying things right? Our technology provides immediate pin-pointed feedback on mistakes. You’ll get to listen, see your mistakes and then try again.


Speak like a native with the right intonation and accent

Video submission feature with automated voice recognition make practising and improving speaking attainable without constant 1-on-1 intervention and live interaction with instructor.


Don't just take our word for it.

Mr Yoon is a very experienced and talented language teacher. His class is interactive and fun, not typical 'go by the book' style, and i have never once feel sleepy or tired in class despite attending after work!
Rachel Eng
Live class learner
I signed up for a complete virtual learning course. My instructor is aware of my progress despite it being a self-learnt course. The feedbacks I've gotten are making learning exciting and fun.
Margaret Lee
Self-paced course learner
I couldn't even construct a good Korean sentence when I first joined. Now I'm able to listen to songs, understand them and watch movies with close to no subtitles needed!
Live class learner
My practice sessions with buddy incorporates lots of games, debates and dramas to help me practise my Korean. After a few months of weekly session, I can comfortably converse with my native Korean friends.
Practice learner
Compared to other places, the learning pace in Yoon Ssam's class help slow learners to really understand the structure and usage of Korean grammar using various activities and practices - which helps to build confidence in students to apply in daily conversations!
PL Yong
Live class learner
I really like the format of self-paced courses. I get to see interactions of live class learners. Feels like I have classmates any time of the day when I want to watch a video.
Sawli Sapkal
Self-paced course learner
I've been learning Korean from several sources online but nothing comes close to the attention that I got from Yoon Ssam personally. I always get quick replies when I'm doing revision, it's like having a close Korean friend with me! Highly recommend!
Self-paced course learner

Frequently Asked Questions

If you could not find what you’re looking for here, talk to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Of course! Our goal is to provide you with a great learning experience, not just to make you fluent, but to make you appreciate the language, culture and the opportunities that came along. Our programs are designed for total beginners, all the way until advanced.

As a beginner, you can start learning by being a free member. This gives you access to our always-free Guide on How To Learn Korean and Korean Starter Kit. Access to our social platform is also free, where you can get connected to peers and other learners from around the world. You’ll get to share knowledge, ask questions, get opinions, basically have a community to lean on as you learn a new language.

We always recommend learners to progress further by being a Premium or Ultimate member – which gives you access to all self-paced courses, instructor support, practice quizzes and many other features to help you learn and practise.

For a more personalised journey, book a Practice Buddy to brush up your conversational skills or join a live class.

Yes, it is free to create an account and use uBitto’s social platform as a Starter user. 

You only need to pay for Premium and Ultimate membership for more features.

No, we are not a language learning app. We are a web platform that enables you to join a learning community and connect you to programs which will help you learn or improve your language skills.

Our courses cater to different levels so you can always hop right in without going through beginner levels again. As a Premium or Ultimate member, you have access to all practice programs we’ve developed, mainly:

  1. uBitto Playground
  2. LEVSGRW practice quizzes 
  3. 1:1 Practice Buddy
  4. Validation from Natives

Use our platform and tech capabilities to help you in your learning journey. Take your social profile as an online journal. Upload your learning materials and store them in one place for easy accessibility. 

We ensure you have avenue to practise after learning, which is the key factor helping you to reach fluency. Be it via our language validation system or connecting with native speakers, there will always be way to practise and use what you have learnt. 

We collaborate with organisations and corporations who are constantly looking for language talents. This provides you the opportunities to use the language and be better at it.

Many language schools out there will just teach you a language. A lot of times, we see learners ended up forgetting what they’ve learnt because they have no avenue to practice and use the language. 

Good news! No official test but there will be small test/pop quiz to gauge students’ understanding and level from time to time. This also serve as checkpoint to get to know about students’ comfortability to proceed further.

Student can also test their level through the quizzes available.

Upon completion of each course (be sure to ‘Mark as Complete’), you will be issued a certificate by uBitto. Do note that this certificate only acts as Proof of Completion.

Physical sessions are available with some Practice Buddies. Your Buddy will also be able to validate your level and help correct your grammar, pronunciation and more.

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