We make learning Korean awesome through PRACTICE!

Practice 1

How will uBitto Practice help

uBitto believes that learning is not one-dimensional and one-way.
It is through the process of LEARN ᛫ PRACTICE ᛫ EXPERIENCE which unlock the deepest potential of each and every learner.

Practice 2

Boost Memory

Quizzes are created to refresh learner's mind on things that they have learnt during classes.

Practice 3

Enhance Understanding

Learners have feedbacked that active participation in practice quizzes have made them understand concepts better.

Practice 4

Super Fun

It's a known fact - you learn more and learn better when you're having fun!

LEVS GRW Quizzes

These FUN and FREE quizzes are created based on Penang Korean Class’s 7 Pillars of Language formula – LEVS GRW.

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Student Quizzes

These quizzes are tasks specially for my students who have been attending my classes.
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Blog Quizzes

Interesting Korean blog posts incorporated with fun quizzes awaits you.

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