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Learn Korean from the comfort of your own home

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Language learning isn’t restricted to limits of physical classrooms in a location; flexibility is key.

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To join the class, just call in from wherever you are.

Simply make a conference call during your class schedule. Audio will be crystal clear through our in-class sound system.

Have questions? Ask on the spot or in a close-knitted class group. Weekly class tasks will also be submitted online, just like your fellow onsite classmates.
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Missed a class?
Go at your own pace and re-watch class recordings whenever you’re free.

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Yoon Jung Hyun

Founder and CEO of uBitto
Watch this video to learn about the evolution of my teaching strategies and how I conduct livestream classes today!

5 simple steps to start
livestream learning

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Know your level

Take our quiz, the result will suggest which level you belong to.


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Enrolment process

Enrol to livestream class, then proceed to get our designated books.


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You have a mail

You will receive an invoice from us regarding your class enrolment.


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Almost there...

Once you received email from us, proceed to complete the first unit.


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Start learning!

And... you are finally done! Welcome aboard and see you in class!

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from Learners

Listen to what our happy learners have got to say!

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Shuen Lim

Shuen Lim

I’ve been learning for almost one year with Yoon Ssam. He is a passionate, fun and interesting Korean teacher. I was a person who was unable to speak fluently and couldn’t construct proper Korean sentences. Now I’m able to listen to songs and watch movies with less subtitles needed. I’m also able to form proper Korean sentences! 한국 수업을 진짜 재미있어요! 대박! 정말 고마워요 선생님! 옛날에 제가 아무 한국어도 못 했어요. 지금 제가 한국어를 들고 보고 쓰고 읽고 말했어요. 👍🏻👍🏻

Yong Poh Ling

Yong Poh Ling

A fun place to learn Korean 😊. We are learning the language in an activity based lesson which incorporated with activities like quizzes, applying vocab into lyrics of songs and pictures or posters, as well as discussions or thought sharing with other friends using only Korean language. We also did our homework in WhatsApp groups instead of paper works. The learning pace in Yoon Ssam’s class would help slow learner to really understand the structure and usage of Korean grammar and terms by various activities and practices, which helps to build confident for students to apply it in daily conversations.👍👍👍

Sarah Kiew

Sarah Kiew

Have FUN time attended last Saturday MOVIE OUTING! Love the plan of bonding session out of usual study class 😉 It made the Korean study more interesting and fun! #pkcexperience

Nathalie Liew

Nathalie Liew

I’m newly joined for about 3 months (13 lessons). From Zero background until able to recognise Korean words, able to speak simple greetings. This is really awesome! After joining his class, you will automatically build your interest to study and learn the new language! This is the power of passion from him. He is not a textbook teacher, he will find out what is the easiest way for us to learn. Any activities that could help us to improve and get in touch. I have never met a teacher like you, Yoon Ssam! 감사합니다!

Joanna Tan

Joanna Tan

If you want to have an interactive and non boring Korean class, Yoon Ssam class is the best choice to go with it. Almost 2 years with the class and never felt boring. It’s suitable for working group and learn a language in a leisure and comfortable way. From a zero knowledge person to now can build sentence in Korean language, thanks to Yoon Ssam. 쌤, 거의 2년 동안 진짜 감사합니다. 저는 한국어를 계속 열심히 배워요…

Jennifer Lim

Jennifer Lim

Best language class I’ve ever attended. Have been enjoying myself so far. Mr Yoon does makes a lot of effort to really help you learn the language with fun activities, group chats, FB and even recorded class sessions uploaded on Youtube. I hope I can speak & write well one day.

Classes are catered to your learning goals or achievements. Choose any level you are most comfortable with.

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Sprout Level

Sprout Level

6 Months

You will be able to read, write and count in Korean. You can also form basic sentences and hold basic conversations in Korean confidently.
Survival Level

Survival Level

6 Months

You will be able to use 5W1H in day-to-day conversation, able to talk about my abilities to do things and give reasons for my decisions.
Solid Level

Solid Level

12 Months

You will be able to understand and convey various expression such as attempts, purpose of visit or action, able to speak in formal and casual form, recommend, reassure, remind and make plans.
Significant Level

Significant Level

6 Months

You will be able to express your wishes, dreams or imagination, talk about things that might have happened and express consequential actions, make decisions, announcements and formal suggestions.

Livestream Subscriptions

Subscribe to livestream classes. Focus on your learning while we take care of your payment every 4 weeks.
Cancel anytime.
Schedules are set according to Malaysia Time Zone (GMT+8)
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Still have questions?

Relax because we will always be here for you.

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Learners join our Livestream Class for a variety of reasons and come from diverse backgrounds, professions, and age groups.

If you’re unable to join our onsite classes because they’re full or due to busy schedules or commitment, Livestream Classes are a flexible way of learning Korean language be it on-the-go or from the comfort of your own home.

Language used in class is Korean and English only.

Yes, you can always catch up by watching previous class videos on Facebook private group or Google Classroom. However, if class is too far ahead, we would advise waiting for next intake. 

Each lesson is 90-minutes (1.5hours) but be prepared that the lesson at times goes beyond the duration depending on the scope of the day.

uBitto does not provide refunds on fees or charges related to your uBitto account/subscription, including unused or partially used subscription periods and bank/merchant fees.

Do refer to our Cancellation and Refund Policy here.

The class will continue to higher level as long as there are minimum students per class.

Depending on your learning purpose, you may continue as long as you would like to. Kindly refer to our Achievement Table.

– Sprout Level (1) 24 classes (~6 months)

– Survive Level (1) 24 classes (~6 months)

– Solid Level (1) 24 classes (~12 months)

– Significant Level (1) 24 classes (~12 months)

Note: Estimation above is based on once a week class schedule at 90 minutes (1.5 hours) duration. It is acting as a guideline but not a guarantee.

Progress depends on students’ effort as well. Many students are able to reach certain achievement before the estimated duration.

Good news! No official test but there will be small test/pop quiz to gauge students’ understanding and level from time to time. This also serve as checkpoint to get to know about students’ comfortability to proceed further.

Student can also test their level through the quizzes available on uBitto Learning Management System (uLMS).

You will receive a proof of completion from Penang Korean Class. However, the certificate recognised by Korea/worldwide is to take the International Proficiency Test for Korean Language (TOPIK exam).

You can use this certificate to apply for jobs or for education purposes. This is an external exam conducted twice a year in Malaysia, usually in April or October at Kuala Lumpur.

There will be additional prep classes to students who are keen to sit for the exam as the TOPIK exam gets nearer. TOPIK exam and enrolments charges is to be borne by student. We can help to furnish info and registration.

Homework and weekly tasks will be submitted via Google Classroom, the same way as how onsite students submit theirs. 

You will be added to a class group in Whatsapp upon enrolment confirmation. Mr Yoon will personally answer these questions. Students in the group might be able to help too!

Alternative: We will be using Google Hangouts (beta version) for livestream class. Any questions arise during the session can be raised up directly in Google Hangouts.

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