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Korean Learner Starter Kit

Korean Learner Starter Kit

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Korean Learner Starter Kit 1

What’s Inside 

1. Periodic Table of Hangeul
This is a handy sheet for beginners which gives you a complete overview of Korean alphabets – both vowels and consonants.

To learn how to pronounce them, watch:

How To Read Hangeul by Yoon Ssam

2. Korean Vowels and Pronunciation Template
Using this template, listen to how Yoon Ssam pronounce vowels and write it down in your own mother tongue.

3. Hangeul Chart
After learning how to pronounce Korean alphabets, do go through this chart at least once a day to practise!

4. Pronouns and Markers
Here, you have a simple chart which explores:
I: Subject particles http://bit.ly/yoonssam_subjectparticles
II: Possessive marker http://bit.ly/yoonssam_possessiveparticle
III: Honorifics http://bit.ly/yoonssam_honorifics

Korean Learner Starter Kit 2

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