How to teach live classes via Zoom?

To teach live classes via uBitto, you will need to create:

  • a course
  • a product
  • a community group

If you haven’t, do refer here.

Teaching Live on Zoom

You can connect your course’s community group with a Zoom account to schedule single or recurring classes.

  1. Go to your group community page. Click on the three-dot, click ‘Manage’.

2. Check on ‘Yes, I want to connect this group to Zoom’.
3. Under Group Permissions, choose Organizers only.

4. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the Setup Wizard to link your Zoom account to Community group.

If you follow the instructions in the Setup Wizard correctly, the API Key, API Secret, Zoom Account Email and Verification Token would be filled up automatically in your account. Click “Save Settings.”

5. At the end of the setup, you can verify your Zoom connection by clicking “Check Connection.”

6. Click the three dots and click “Zoom.” Now you’re ready to create your first meeting (class)!

  • Meeting title (Include date as you will need to create a new meeting
  • Description
  • Password – fill up if you want the password-protect the meeting
  • When & Duration
  • Recurrence details
  • Timezone
  • Video – select when do you want meeting to start
  • Meeting Options

The meeting will appear on your Upcoming Meetings list.

It will also appear on the Group Feed where learners can click on Meeting Details to access the Meeting Links.

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