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This level has been designed for total beginners who do not have any background knowledge in Korean language. It focuses on conversational skill but also covers reading and writing. The goal of this course is to provide an introduction of the language through basic characters and expressions. After each session, you’ll practise what you have learnt through class assignments which will be submitted via your student dashboard. By the end of this course, you will be able to hold basic conversation in Korean confidently, with language skill similar to a 6 year old kid in Korea!

      • Recognise, read and write Korean words.
      • Introduce yourself and greet others
      • Count in both Korean number systems
      • Confidently order in restaurants, ask for prices and items
      • Make appointments, give directions and describe locations
      • Able to tell the time and indicate things by day, month or year
      • Form basic sentences, describing interests and hold basic conversation in Korean confidently
      • Shopping in Korea
      • Travelling in Korea
      • Making Acquaintance in Korea
      • Reading Korean Signs

What Students Say


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  1. Love the class!


    Really fun learning environment! Personally I like that the classes are conducted in small discussion groups instead of the boring classroom lecture style. Mr. Yoon is a great teacher…fun, relax and brings lots of laughter.

    He always encourages us to speak in Korean. I like that he teaches us also the common expression, apart from grammar, so that our daily conversations are more natural. Love the class and learnt alot! 윤선생님..감사합니다!!

  2. Native Korean, Fluent English Speaker!


    I have learned a lot from this class. I enjoyed every class as the class always has a lot of fun and Mr. Yoon answers every question raised by the students very well. Mr. Yoon is full of experience in teaching Korean and speak English fluently. The atmosphere in class is so great and undoubtedly Mr.Yoon has a sense of humour where he will create some jokes during the class & the class is filled with relaxed atmosphere all the times (where I forgot all the pressure from homeworks). The only sad thing is the duration of the class is too short for me.

    All I can tell is I LOVE this class so much!!

    Thank you so much, Mr. Yoon!! 😀
    Penang Language Class Hwaiting!!

    윤 선생님은 잘 생겼어요

    한국어 교실 화이팅 😀

    감사합니다, 운 선새님!!

  3. Highly Recommended!


    I’d proudly say that I was one of the first few batches of this class. I loved that the class was being conducted in a small group hence ample individual attention was given.

    Besides, the class was interesting as it wasn’t based solely on a textbook, as we got to share and learn useful daily expressions as well from excerpts of korean dramas, song lyrics or reality shows. In all, I had an enjoyable time from this class!

  4. Such a fun class!


    I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in learning Korean language to join Yoon Ssam’s Korean class. It’s such an interesting class and will never be bored during the class. It’s kind of the class which we are able to learn Korean language, meanwhile, having fun.

    Other than that, it’s sort of a relaxing class which could help us to release stress. The way that Yoon Ssam lectures is so vivid so that to ensure that we understand and probably apply to our daily life. I really hope that I could join again in the future.

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