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Discover your level in Korean language with this quick and effective quiz

Challenge Your Knowledge 3

I am a quiz. Try me!

Studied Korean before and not sure where you stand right now? Take our uniquely designed Challenge Your Knowledge quiz.

Questions may vary amongst different students. Your result at the end of the quiz will:

  • help you understand your level.
  • enable us determine which class you should join.

Quiz score and what it means

Penang Korean Class practises the 4S (Sprout, Survival, Solid and Significant) approach in teaching language.

Lessons are designed to achieve milestones in life – be it to learn Korean as a beginner like a sprout, survive in a Korean society, succeed as a solid individual or have significant contribution to Korea.

With this score, you have a clear goal on where you are and should be heading to. You will be able to learn Korean immediately with Yoon Ssam.

Challenge Your Knowledge 4

I've taken the quiz. What's next?

Now that you know your level, it’s time to start learning!
Choose your preferred method of learning Korean.


Talk to Us

My Observations


My students now follow up on their homework and complete their quizzes after class or during their leisure. They can repeat the quizzes as often as they like if they want to achieve a perfect 100% (and they do!).

My goal is to measure the effectiveness of their learning experiences after practicing through my quizzes. The findings indicate that my students have shown better performance in class, they engage/interact with each other in Korean more actively, and even have great boost of confidence in taking up new or tougher challenges in Korean learning!

I couldn’t emphasize enough on how much this implementation has positively impacted my students; it has made their Korean learning journey more lively and motivated.

Challenge Your Knowledge 7

Want to experience the classes for yourself?

You are welcomed to join any classes as a trial to get a feel of how Yoon Ssam’s classes are conducted.
Help us to understand your learning background better!
We will reach out to you soon.

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