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Cancellation and Refund Policy

Refund Policy

uBitto does not provide refunds on fees or charges related to your uBitto account/subscription, including unused or partially used subscription periods and bank/merchant fees.

Payment of Fees:
“If you are a paid User, you agree to pay all per-use fees or fees associated with your subscription, as appropriate (“Fees”). uBitto may provide you with the ability to pay the Fees through a third party service. All subscriptions paid through these third parties are subject to the third party’s Terms of Service, and we will not be responsible for anything contained therein.

You are responsible for payment of any sales or use taxes associated with the Fees or your use of the Site. If, for any reason, your payment is not received by uBitto, your paid User account will revert to a free User account until payment is received by us. You agree that until your paid User account subscription is terminated or expires, you will continue to remain responsible for the subscription payments, even if you do not use our service.

Subscription payments are non-refundable.”
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