Wild Goose Fathers In Korea 한국 기러기 아빠

We have often heard the “goose father” term in many variety show or reality programs. But have you ever wondered about what does it mean? Here are some interesting facts about the wild goose fathers in Korea.

1.What is a Wild Goose Father 기러기 아빠가 뭐죠??

A wild goose father in Korea is a term which refers to a Korean man who is working in the country (국내) while the wife and the children stays in an English-speaking country (영어권 국가) like the United States (미국), Canada (캐나다) or Australia (호주).

2. Why Do They Do So 그렇게 하는 이유는?

Usually, the reason why these wild goose fathers send off (보내다) their families (가족) to other countries is because they desire (열망) to speak English well. However, not all families can afford to send their families to other countries which is why there are not a lot of these wild goose fathers in Korea.

3. The Beginning Of Wild Goose Fathers 기러기 아빠의 시작

Families separating (이별) like this had become a trend (유행) back in the late 1990s. It became a trend as many Korean’s desires to learn and speak good English and also to escape (탈출) the relentless competitiveness (끊임없는 경쟁력) of the harsh domestic education system. And some parents may not want their children to suffer from that.

4. Hardships of Wild Goose Fathers 기러기 아빠의 고단함

The wives of wild goose fathers tend to decide to live in the foreign country along with their children to provide a better educational environment (교육 환경) for them. This makes regular communication between family members hard. Although they can make voice calls but they aren’t able to interact together. Many of these fathers happen to suffer from loneliness (외로움) too.

5. The Current Situation 현재 상황은?

The number of Wild Goose Fathers in Korea have actually been declining (줄어들다). This is because there are many more international schools (국제 학교) built compared to the older times. Many parents choose to send their children to international schools to learn English instead of leaving the country.

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