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5 Romantic Things to Do for Valentine’s Day in Seoul

Seoul is the city of love for a reason: there are numerous destinations that are perfect for fun and romantic …Read More

Profile PhotoEvangeline SeeJanuary 30, 2020

What to Do in Korea for Seollal 2020

설날 (Seollal), known as the Korean Lunar New Year is one of the most celebrated national holidays in Korea.  During this …Read More

Profile PhotoEvangeline SeeJanuary 21, 2020

How Does South Korea Celebrate Christmas?

Tomorrow, billions of people around the world are going to celebrate the most widely celebrated holiday in the world – …Read More

Profile PhotoYoon SsamNovember 23, 2019

Suneung: Find Out Why South Korea Becomes Silent For a Day, Every Year.

Silence. Military training ceases. No planes landing or taking off. The stock market opening an hour later. Banks and shops …Read More

Profile PhotoYoon SsamNovember 15, 2019

서울 등 축제 Seoul Lantern Festival

What is the Seoul Lantern Festival? The 서울 등 축제 Seoul Lantern Festival is an annual festival held every November in Seoul, …Read More

Profile PhotoYoon SsamNovember 11, 2019

The Divorce Rate 이혼율 Among Korean Couples is Skyrocketing After 추석 [Chuseok] and 설날 [Seollal] – Here is why.

Reports have shown that 이혼율 divorce rates tend to go up during major holidays such as 추석 Chuseok and 설날 …Read More

Profile PhotoYoon SsamSeptember 13, 2019

4 Things Koreans Do to Celebrate 추석 Chuseok a.k.a the Mid-Autumn Festival!

As you can tell by the title, the Mid-Autumn Festival is referred to as 추석 “Chuseok” in Korea.  추석 Chuseok, …Read More

Profile PhotoYoon SsamSeptember 13, 2019

Korean Movie Outing With Yoon Ssam

Our Korean teacher, Yoon Ssam organized a movie outing for all of his Korean class students on the 10th August …Read More

Mikayla KaurSeptember 4, 2019

Kim Soo Hyun is back from military service!

Kim Soo Hyun, who is known to be one of the nation’s beloved actors has finally been discharged from military …Read More

AngelliJuly 3, 2019

2019 Study In Korea Fair Malaysia

Applying to a university in Korea has never been easier! Ever wondered what are the universities in Korea like and …Read More

AngelliJuly 1, 2019

Rocket Korean Workshop (2-Day Event)

This is one of my most highly requested workshops and guess what? HERE IT IS. Spend a weekend with me …Read More

Profile PhotoYoon SsamJune 19, 2019
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