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Can You Guess These Autumn Destinations in Korea?

Autumn is the best time to visit Korea due to its clear and crisp weather as well as the amazing autumn foliage. Autumn falls in the months of September, October and November.

To many, autumn in Korea is like welcoming another spring season as every leaf appears to look like a colorful flower. You get experience rows and rows of vibrant autumn colors – from crinkled yellow, orange to fiery red!

This year, many of us will miss out on this experience but here’s to hoping things will get better next year and we’ll be able to travel safely very soon.

Meanwhile, we’ve come out with a quiz to find out how much you know of these picturesque autumn destinations in Korea! This might give you an idea on where to go when it’s safe to travel!

So, how was your score like? If you got a high score well done! You must be familiar with the autumn foliage in Korea. If you did not, it’s time to do more research!

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Can You Guess These Autumn Destinations in Korea? 1
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